My Guide To Ireland

hey friends!
here's my guide to ireland - based on our spur of the moment trip last fall... we danced, drank, and played mostly. The photos you see are the only photos i TOOK THE ENTIRE TRIP! LITERALLY - ALL OF THEM, XOXO

It started out as a joke that became a real trip really quickly! I think I will call 2017 the wrecker - so many things happened in my personal life back to back to back, I certainly didn't get a break and I needed a break... so why not got to Ireland? I had flown with Norwegian Airlines to London earlier in the year (another last min trip, see a pattern here?) and I signed up for the annoying emails telling me when they had flight deals. So we took Norwegian Airlines from Rhode Island (flew up from ATL to Rhode Island on Southwest - hey hey Southwest miles) into to Cork Ireland. It was certainly the weirdest places to fly out of for international and into - Providence Rhode Island is very cute + quaint... and Cork is pretty much the same. We had the easiest day of travel with no lines. Also, we took the red eye into Cork so we woke up and hit the ground running (or walking, 4hrs of sleep...). We landed around 7am on a Sunday so the town was shut down still. This allowed us to photograph the quaint and peaceful environment that you would imagine Ireland to be - also, the people, my favorite.

We picked up our rental car and headed into Cobh (where the photos with the church are).
Pro tip: when renting a car rent under the country you are going to websites codes, hints, .ie vs. .com
We learned this during our trip, you get better rates this way. All things that say you are a tourist will make you pay more.

In Cobh we went here (it was quick - but pretty):
• St. Colman's Cathedral
• Cobh Pier (next to where the Titanic docked)
• Coffee Cove - we snagged coffee + breakfast here + got back on the road

From Cobh we headed on our little road trip to Dublin (signing Ed Sheran the entire way, yes, we were those people). Our route was from Cork - Waterford - Kilkenny - Newbridge - Dublin. We only drove through Waterford and made a few pit stops for photos - see the photo of the boats in the calm harbor. The town looked lovely but we were looking forward to spending some time in KilKenny so we we went on our way. I highly suggest walking around and exploring Kilkenny. It is an adorable city with charm for days! We walked the city and saw all of the touristy things. 

In Kilkenny we went here (not as quick - but just as pretty):
• Kilkenny Castle, it's an Irish dream
• Dominican Black Abbey Church, the windows are pretty dreamy
• Walked High St. and did a lot of window shopping
• Popped into Willoughby's for cofffee + a snack before we contiuned on our journey

We then headed on into Dublin - friends, what a beautiful drive. We stopped a couple times to embrace some scenery. It's literally a dreamy country. The sunset during our final drive into Dublin - we returned the car and hopped into a taxi and headed into our Airbnb. We arrived at our Airbnb and it was awful, to say the very very least, awful... and we left! No joke. I hopped onto my Hotels Tonight App and Booked a room at The Dean Dubin (saved our lives and was the BEST decision). Our plan was to stay there for the night + then figure out the rest the next day... long story short we stayed their for three nights and it was the best time of our lives - we even did a silent disco. The location is amazing for going out and seeing the town. Which we did, every night.

My must shops, eats, and places in Dublin:
•The Porthouse (we went here the first night for a late dinner, absolutely amazing)
• Whelan's (we went for a comedy show and it was honestly hilarious)
•The Chelsea Drug Store (we went for cocktails - yum)
•777 (yes, I found Mexican food in Ireland + you are welcome, best marg!)
• We did do the Temple Bar thing, but yes, it's over priced... and totally for tourist. BUT do yourself a favor and go to Quay's + The Auld Dubliner we had the most fun in these spots!
•Late night food, pt.2, Siri Indian Cuisine, it's a hole in the wall and it is amazing.
• Irish Design Shop for cute things to take home by local artist.
• Barn, if you have kids, I bought baby gifts for friends!
• Industry & Co. is aesthetically pleasing. I bought a candle!
•Walk Grafton St. but the best finds are right off it! In terms of cute shops - most shops here are everywhere!
• Do the Guinness tour, it's actually pretty cool + the view at the top is worth it.
• St Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, lust away at all the things.
•Trinity College, because you kinda just have to do it? Yep.
•Indigo + Cloth, for a coffee and menswear (stylish menswear)
•Grogran's for a quick pint + drinks, it's highly recommended.

We went to many other spots - but those were my favs from our time. So, moving onwards! To Galway! My favorite time was in this city - we danced in the streets... sang at the bars... and really had the best time. We picked a great Airbnb during our stay in Galway. It was down by the river + I loved it. So quaint and in walkable distance to every thing. Galway is everything (to me) what you would imagine Ireland to be. All the cute pubs, quaint streets, and live music. I seriously could spend some time here, a lot of time. Also another thing about the Irish... they are the nicest, funniest, and truly wonderful people. We made so many friends! Literally. So many. SO here is my list...

My MUST guide to Galway:
• Ard Bia - go for dinner, one of the best meals I've ever had.
• Have a drink at Kings Head
• Take a day trip to Cliffs of Moher - it's worth it. Rain OR shine.
• The Front Door, go late night and dance away. Order the Ed Sheeran.
• Coffeewerk + Press, cute shop, great coffee.
• Cava Bodega, great spanish tapas!
•Biteclub, super cool space + a great quick bite.
•Electric Garden & Theatre, if you wantta dance with somebody, dance dance.
• My Shop...Granny Likes It, my favorite shop with local art! I bought all the things.
•Tuco's Taqueria, I found Mexican food here, too.

OKAY FRIENDS, I think I am done - if you have any questions for me about our trip let me know!