Sawyer Baird California Weddings




"We truly can't put into words how thankful we are that Sawyer was our photographer for both of our engagement and our wedding. Both sessions were truly magical. Each time we look at the beautiful images she captured for us we relive it all over again. Sawyer was flexible to work with and made us feel so important and very comfortable. She helped our version come alive and we're so very grateful for her always. In the future we will hope to use Sawyer for many occasions throughout
our life."

- HILLARY + JAY (former Bride & Groom)


"Sawyer Baird photographed our wedding in June of 2015 and completely blew us away with the images that she delivered. The day of our wedding I fought to stay calm and the whole day really felt like a blue even though the wedding was pretty small. Sawyer showed up without a second thought, styled everything, and it was so windy that she even helped fix our arbor and set it up so it looked beautiful. She was calm and collected and incredibly professional. Our portraits are stunning and honestly took my breath away when I looked at them. They are images we will cherish forever. I cannot say enough how thankful I am to have had her there on our special day. She left us not only with phenomenal images, but I felt like I made a friend along the way!"

- JESSICA + AUSTIN (former Bride & Groom)


"It is rare that I have come across a colleague as creative, forward-thinking, and giving as Sawyer Baird. I have collaborated with Sawyer in a number of capacities, from weddings to workshops, editorial work to product shoots. She is the consummate professional and a pleasure to be around. She always gives her heart to every project and has fun doing it. More than anything, she's not afraid to shoot for the stars. I can always call Sawyer with an idea and she's game. If there is one photographer who gets me, who captures what's in my brain and in my heart so well, who I can always count on, it's this girl." 



"Sawyer captured such incredible moments as we celebrated our five year anniversary, and one year as a family of three in Savannah. The mossy oaks-lined roads and her beautiful vision behind the lens made for some priceless images we will cherish forever. "

- JENNIFER BLAIR (family session)


"This girl. can't say enough about her! she's creative, yet traditional. fun, yet professional. you won't be disappointed if you book her for your special day! as a fellow photographer, I ADORE her style and how she portrays her clients' authentic love. she actually captured my senior photos a little over 4 years ago, and I was hooked on her style right away! 5 stars isn't enough!"

- LOGAN S. (senior session)


"Sawyer is not only an amazing human being, but she is so talented in what she does. Her work is authentic and beautiful, and she truly cares for not only her clients, but for everyone she encounters and works with. I am so thankful to have someone like Sawyer in my life, and working with her is something I will cherish forever. She is so sweet, easy going, and attentive to detail - you can’t go wrong working with her!"



"Sawyer - not only is she an incredible photographer, she is an incredible person to work with as well as wonderful friend. Her work is so unique, and so planned and thought out. So timeless, so beautiful - there's nothing she can't capture flawlessly! I am so gracious to have gotten to work with her on multiple occasions - you can't go wrong choosing Sawyer!"



"Sawyer is simply wonderful. She is a talented artist who captures the loveliest moments in a way that is timeless and organic. Her work speaks for itself. On a person level, Sawyer is attentive, kind, and a true pleasure to work with. She goes over and beyond to touch base every step of the way and ensure that everyone's visions align. Sawyer is a real gem."

- KAY S. (former mother of a bride)


"I don't think that Sawyer can take a bad picture. I mean seriously, this girl is amazingly talented behind the lens! I had been following Sawyer on Instagram for years before I was even engaged. Needless to say, she was at the top of my list when my fiancé popped the question. Photography was something I really cared about and wanted to invest in and Sawyer worked with us to make all of our dreams come true. We did an engagement shoot that allowed us to become more comfortable and with being photographed. She was the absolute sweetest in our conversations from the very start. We emailed often before the wedding day about everything from my dress and hair to specific places in the garden that was my venue. She even pointed me in the direction of some other fantastic vendors, which was great since I wasn't local to the area. She's super sweet and funny and makes taking photos fun and easy, even when it has the potential to feel quite awkward. She was enthusiastic, easy going, and really caring throughout. I absolutely ADORE my wedding photos. I could not have even imagined the beauty she captured from some of the moments of our day. Even the poses I thought might surely be a bit awkward or non-flattering turned out stunning with her skilled eye at work. Seriously, every frame was a dream. The bottom line is Sawyer is supremely talented at what she does. I very much recommend her to anyone looking for gorgeous, light-filled, film photography for their big day and beyond!"

-LAUREN S. (former bride)


"Even before I was engaged and in the market for a wedding photographer, I have been in love with Sawyer's work for years as we went to the same high school. While she is several years younger and I didn't know her personally in school, she was at the top of my list once I got engaged. Her film photography is absolutely breathtaking. We are very like-minded with our obsession for details and she knows exactly how to emphasis all the little embellishments I spent months preparing for my big day. She knows how to make you look and feel your most beautiful, and she turns your wedding into an absolute dream. Aside from her exceptional talent (I mean have you seen her blog and Instagram?!?), she was a delight to work with. After initially contacting her, I realized she was a little out of my budget, but she was wonderful in moving some things around to make it all work out. She was always very attentive when contacted and was exceptionally helpful with planning details in regards to photography. On our big day, she was wonderful! It actually rained on our big day, really poured like crazy, and she immediately offered to have us have a separate private session after the wedding to get more outside and bride-groom photos. She offered this even before the night was over and didn't charge us extra. Following the wedding, our photos were delivered right on time. I really can't say enough positive things about Sawyer, and her work really speaks for itself. I am still in awe of our wedding and after-session photos. If you love film photography and timeless photos, don't hesitate to contact Sawyer!"

- JUSTYNE S. (former bride)


"There are only a few photographers I would work with to capture one of the most important days of my life, and Sawyer is one of them. A lot of photographers have mastered technical skills, but the beautiful lighting, elegant compositions, and authentic moments Sawyer captures are exceptional. She is as charming and polished as her photography."

- NIKKI + JASON - (former Bride & Groom)


"Having Sawyer as our photographer for our engagement session and wedding was truly a special experience. Sawyer cares, she listens, she has wonderful ideas, and she goes out of her way to make sure our vision and her vision align. Sawyer's photography style is timeless, romantic, and natural. Pair those talents with her personalized and caring touch and you have the perfect combination. Neither of us had much experience with having our pictures taken professionally, but Sawyer made us feel at home in front of the camera from the get-go. We cannot say enough wonderful things about Sawyer. She is a gem and we are forever grateful for her."

- KRISTIN + CODY (former Bride & Groom)


"Sawyer Baird brings such a natural warmth and raw talent to all of her images and work.  We absolutely love recommending her, because she always delivers excellence.  We know that we can count on her to capture all the details, emotions, as well as, exceed client expectations.  Having been in the business for 6+ years, I can tell you that it's rare to find a photographer with this kind of talent + the professional skills to back it up.  Sawyer always delivers on time and has excellent communication skills, such an absolute gem and industry leader!"



"Sawyer has an eye like no other! Not only does she capture beautiful moments on wedding days, she ensure that her couples feel comfortable in front of the camera and takes great care of them on their wedding day. As a wedding planner, I love working with Sawyer because she is self-sufficient, light-hearted, and hard working. She's a true breath of fresh air for the wedding industry!"



"We always get super excited to hear that one of our clients will also be working with Sawyer. She is one of our go-to wedding photographers and one of our favorite people! Her images are dreamy, but candid and fantastical while still so real. She is also super fun to work with and makes fast friends with all her clients and vendor pals. She is a joy to work with and even greater joy to know ;)" 



"It's obvious that Sawyer's photos are a huge level above the rest (one glance at her website or instagram and that's obvious!), but what impressed me the most about her was her kindness and professionalism. She truly has a heart of gold and is absolutely the type of person you want around you all day on your wedding day. If you are blessed with the ability to hire her - DO IT. Just trust me. You'll thank me later."



"Sawyer is amazing! Her work is absolutely stunning and has a truly unique eye for detail! It's been a pleasure working with her and I would welcome the opportunity to do so again!"



"I found Sawyer and her work long before I was even engaged. Being in the industry as well I knew that when my big day came I wanted someone behind the camera that I trusted fully. When the big day came and I said "YES!" I knew I had to get in touch with Sawyer to see if she could be there on one of the happiest days of my life. The stars aligned and she traveled to the coast of NC to shoot our wedding. A lot of things went wrong that day---our planner dropped the ball, so many decorations and details were left out and my bouquet (perhaps my most important detail) was nothing like I planned. Inside I felt like a disaster. I remember looking at Sawyer and saying something along the lines of, "Just do your thing and please make this look pretty." ....Knowing fully that she was up for it and I (and all my wedding messes) were in good hands. I left our wedding feeling a little blue inside---you plan and plan and dream about your wedding day and when so many details are sup-par and people let you down it really hurts. As I waited patiently for our photos I remember holding my breath when we got them back and praying to all the wedding gods that our love showed through in the photos despite all the "yuck" that happened on our day. When I opened the folder I sobbed happy tears.......Sawyer captured our hearts and our fairytale even when I thought it might be impossible. She really saved the day in so many ways. You would never know by our photos some of the blunders that our planner created. You would never know that a little part of my heart was broken holding the bouquet that was nothing like I dreamed. You would never know the centerpieces were a mess. I can honestly not say enough about how thankful I am to have hired Sawyer for these moments. As a bride and groom, the photos and memories are what you take with you from the wedding. It goes by in a flash......We are blessed that behind the camera was someone that could see past imperfections and right to the heart of what our wedding meant-----It was a marriage of two people SO excited to say "I do" and crazy in love. For Sawyer, for her heart and for her unstoppable passion for capturing true and honest moments, I will be forever thankful."

- JESSICA B (former bride)


I was thankful to have Sawyer on my big day. It POURED all day on my wedding day, but Sawyer made our rainy day shine and took amazing photos that we will treasure forever. Sawyer’s photos from our wedding and engagement session were featured on Style Me Pretty, Coastal Bride Blog, and Show Me Your Mumu. I loved that Sawyer made the most out of the weather and gave us dreamy film photos. Sawyer communicated with me constantly throughout my 5 month engagement. She answered tons of questions for me and was super sweet and invested in her work completely.

- HILLARY S. (former bride)


"Where do I begin? I have been following sawyer since she first started her photography. I finally ran into her and luckily we hit it off and it was love at first sight! Watching Sawyer grow in her photography has been amazing. When Sawyer did my Senior photos she asked me if i'd like to intern with her and second shoot some wedding and of course I said YES! If it wasn't for Sawyer I would've never became a photographer and can only dream I am one day as successful and talented as she is! It just so happened she was in Tybee Island the day after my fiancé proposed to me in Savannah and this beautiful human took the time out of her vacation to take some photos for us! Without a doubt the best photographer out there who not only is amazing behind the lens but has a heart of gold."

- ABBY W. (senior + engagement session client)


"Sawyer was amazing to work with from the second I contacted her. She was quick to respond and a pleasure to interact with. Sawyer walked into the venue on the big day she was very friendly and brought a positive attitude! Sawyer not only took the pictures she also had great tips to contribute while I was getting ready. All of our pictures turned out amazing! I am so happy that we decided to have Sawyer photograph our perfect day!"

- SABRA C. (former bride)